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Check out the production preview of Enter The Kamel Part One starring the worlds #1 musical mouse, Rattatatt and the Get Me Me Kids.
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Listen and groove to the music of the worlds #1 musical mouse, Rattatatt and the Get Me Me Kids. Rattatatt’s debut album will be released in November 2015.
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Read to acquire knowledge. My Neighborhood is a rhyming story narrated by Get Me Me kid, Tina Fordami. The 50 States book is coming this summer.
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Get ready to play Enter The Kamel this November on any mobile, iPad, tablet or desktop computer and Get Me Me.

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My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood, the first book in the Get Me Me Kids series by Mark Saint Juste, reinforces the power of positive perceptions, community pride, cultural diversity and goal setting. In rhyming text, Get Me Me kid, Tina Fordami narrates this book and pridefully talks about the good and hardworking people in her neighborhood who inspire her and her classmates to be their best. By focusing on the positive things around her she is able to keep her joy and continue to Get Me Me*.

*Get Me Me means to love and take care of yourself so you can love and take care of others.

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I give thanks for living and I will make the world a better place.

I will give love and get love from the entire human race.


I will read and listen to acquire knowledge because I know knowledge is the key,

that opens up the door for me, to this world of prosperity.


I will always respect others and I will respect myself,

because with so many different opinions it’s needed for health and wealth.


I will maintain a positive attitude towards everything and everyone,

because fear and negativity never make life fun.


There’s no such thing as failing, so I can never fail.

If I stumble, fall, get a bump or bruise, that’s just part of the learning trail.


I will take myself to a higher level and always Get Me Me,

because I love myself and I love my community.


The journey of success is part of me, so I know I will succeed.

I’m a winner, oh yes indeed. I Get Me Me! I will succeed!