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  • Mark Saint JusteCreator & Author
    We will have a better global community when more people Get Me Me.

Mark Saint Juste is a graduate of Florida State University where he earned a bachelors degree in Communications and a minor in Economics. After graduating from college the DJ, music and film producer taught fifth grade for two years at Deerfield Park Elementary School in Florida. He then founded a record label, television production company and a real estate management firm, all of which have grown into the creative entrepreneur’s private investment group. Mark lives in Southern California with his children.

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“Get Me Me” means to love and take care of yourself, so you can love and take care of others. Always remember that you can not give something to someone that you do not have yourself. This is why everyone should Get Me Me.

GetMeMeKids.com is an online destination where you can watch parts of Enter the Kamel, listen to hit songs from the worlds #1 musical mouse Rattatatt, read fun books to power up the dome, play games, have fun and Get Me Me!

Enter the Kamel is a film series about the action adventures of the Get Me Me Kids who are seven highly trained super covert espionage agents in middle school. The kids have sworn to protect their community against crime, corruption, Kamel Industries and its morally void CEO Cyrus J. Kamel.


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