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tinafordhamTina Fordami 

Age: 14

DOB: April 9th

Plano, TX

Tina is known as “the yellow pages” and “411” because she knows what’s going on with just about everything (current events, who’s dating who, etc.) She publishes the school newspaper and is the anchor of the school television news program. Her goal is to be the next Oprah Winfrey, but with a more journalistic stance like Barbara Walters. Her mother, Brenda, is an advertising executive and her father, Galen, is a DEA agent. Tina’s knack for not restraining her comments gets her in trouble at times. Tina likes Jeff Brass.


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lisazhouLisa Zhou

Age: 13

DOB: November 9th

Shanghai, China

Lisa is the champion of justice in the group and has a chip on her shoulder because girls aren’t always treated the same as boys. She wants to become an attorney to fight for justice for all people and eventually become a U.S. Senator to make better laws that will improve our world. She loves to debate with Bobby and help her best friend, Tina, run the school newspaper. Her mother, Tia, and father, Qua, own an oriental fast food restaurant that the kids visit sometimes. Lisa likes Michael and shares a competitive rivalry with Kathy G.


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kathygreniskyKathy Grenisky

Age: 13

DOB: December 28th

Moscow, Russia

Kathy is a great athlete with a goal to play in the WNBA for the Miami Sole and become a fashion model like her role model Lisa Leslie. Academic schoolwork is a means to an end for her. Her father, Nicholas, is a car salesman and her mother, Katrina, knits and designs her own clothes for her internet based business, KatrinaGStyle.com Kathy likes Michael but her competitive nature overrules her social interest as the two are always competing at chess, tennis, basketball, etc.  


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jeffbrassJeff Brass

Age: 14

DOB: July 14th

Chicago, IL

Jeff is the prankster of the group. He’s full of mischief and will go to any length to pull off a practical joke. His mom, Gwen, is a real estate agent and his dad, Ron, is a steel worker. Jeff wants to build skyscrapers and residential communities when he retires from his athletic career as an extreme sports star. His goal is to win 10 X Games gold medals in motocross. Jeff’s impatience and playfulness sometimes get him into trouble. He’s good friends with Tina but is too busy riding and skating to notice that she likes him. He and Rattatatt like to joke around a lot as well.

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bobbymontoyaBobby Montoya   

Age: 14

DOB: August 12th

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bobby is the brains of the group when it comes to science. One of his goals is to develop a cure for AIDS. He sometimes seems like “Mr. Know It All” because he debates everything and goes against conventional standards. He loves junk food because his mother works an 80-hour week traveling as CEO of her investment company, Montoya Capital. Fernanda Montoya has compensated for her absence by funding the lavish Get Me Me Kids Center and provided Bobby with his own private laboratory in the basement. Bobby is shy and likes Tina and Lisa but lives vicariously through Jeff. Bobby constantly urges Jeff to ask one of them out by saying, “Come on dude you’re Mr. X Games!”


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michaelwilliamsMichael Williams

Age: 13

DOB: November 29th

Burbank, CA

Michael is the transporter of Get Me Me. He has his pilots license and operates helicopters as well as props. His mother, Janice, is a doctor and his father, John, is a computer engineer. His goal is to own his own airline and fly people to exotic vacation resorts which he will build with his friend Jeff.

Michael also shares an interest in computer science technology with his best friend, Bobby Montoya. Michael likes to be on the move and is known to fly off past his curfew, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

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cyruskamelCyrus J. Kamel

Age: 25

DOB: June, 6th

Brookhaven, NY

Cyrus is a conceited, healthy lifestyle, yoga loving, silver tongued, charming guy that had to leave his successful modeling career in Paris to come home and run the family business conglomerate, Kamel Industries, when his father, Joe Kamel, became too ill from lung cancer to run the day to day operation. Cyrus will sell Kamel goods, but rarely uses them for himself because products such as tobacco, canned foods containing MSG, interior car tires, ultraviolet video games, sugar laced soft drinks, poorly built automobiles and fast foods pumped with preservatives all conflict with his personal beliefs and health habits.

However, Cyrus loves to say, “What’s good for Cyrus may not be good for you, so do what you do!”


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Age: 13

DOB: January 23th

Luxor, Egypt

Rat is the one kid who thinks outside the box. He’s the wise cracking, comical leader of the team and the one who always asks the question, “What are we going to do about it?” when certain discoveries or challenges arise.

Rat’s initial solutions are sometimes too far out of the box and the logic of the whole group finds more constructive solutions to solve problems. Rat produces music, raps and aspires to direct major Hollywood action films. He likes all girls, but they only like him as a “friend.”


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ChuckieCharles “Chuckie” Kamel

Charles aka “Chuckie” is the cousin of Cyrus and the COO of Kamel Industries. He is responsible for most of the corporate corruption and is jealous of Cyrus because he was overlooked for the CEO position due to Joe’s insistence that Kamel Industries be controlled by his only child, Cyrus. Ironically, Chuckie’s dad, Charles Sr., went to prison for conspiracy and racketeering charges because he wouldn’t “roll over” and give up his younger brother Joe. Cyrus & Chuckie’s main goal is to make money.